Heather Lehmann & Associates

Heather Lehmann & Associates helps leaders transform themselves... so they can transform their organizations


Leadership Coaching


Coaching for executives and senior leaders is powerful. It provides a confidential, safe space for individual leaders to explore how they can be more effective. Much like coaching an Olympic athlete, business coaching helps leaders maximize their potential and performance. Through a process that includes self-observation, values exploration, new behaviours experimentation, and feedback, clients purposefully make changes that positively increase their leadership impact.

Change Management


Stakes are personally and professional higher in large-scale change, and this can be particularly daunting for leaders. We develop and execute change management strategies that help leaders realize their organizational objectives and achieve the return on investment they want from their change initiatives.Our signature change management approach begins with understanding the desired change, the organization, and the opportunities and challenges associated with introducing a particular change into the organization at a particular point in time.

Leadership Development


Change is challenging. It’s also an amazing leadership growth opportunity. We provide just-in-time leadership development to leaders who are preparing for, or in the midst of significant organizational change. Our leadership development process includes 360 feedback, skill development workshops, and individual coaching. As your organization goes through change, help your leaders develop the skills and abilities they will need to be effective during and well after the change.

Leadership Coaching


Helping teams work effectively together is an essential element of organizational success. We support teams to establish clear goals, roles, and processes while improving their relationships.

Leadership Coaching


Much of an organization’s most important work happens through conversations. We design and facilitate workshops to help leaders engage their boards, leadership teams, employees, and key stakeholders in conversations that matter. Strategic facilitation can help a group focus its thoughts and energy and create clarity and alignment in crucial organizational moments.

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